BMW GroundPad wireless charger now available for iPerformance vehicles

The BMW Wireless Charging option was shown off last year and we’ve been waiting for the 530e iPerformance model to drop with it ever since. Now it can be ordered as a lease option for those looking to get into the 530e starting in Germany, but will be followed by the UK, US, Japan and China. The wireless charging setup consists of a GroundPad which is on the floor of your garage or outside, as well as a CarPad which is on the underbelly of the vehicle. Once you begin the process of parking, a WiFi connection is established between the GroundPad and the vehicle which then guides you over the GroundPad from a Top Down view.

Once you’re established over the GroundPad and key off the car, the charging process will begin automatically. Inductive charging will happen between coils on the GroundPad and Carpad at 3.2 kWh and will fully charge a depleted battery within 3.5 hours. BMW says this method has an 85% efficiency, so its worthwhile to note that this is about 5% less efficient than standard plugin methods. It is yet to be seen if you’ll spend more time trying to get centered over the base plate than you would simply sticking a cord into the car.

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