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Battery pack details for the Tesla Model 3 are aproximately 50kWh and 75kWh

According to electrek, Elon Musk has disclosed the aproximate capacities of the battery packs the Tesla Model 3 is equipped with. The standard pack comes in at a little over 50 kWh providing 220 miles of driving range, and around 75 kWh for the ‘long range’ pack, which brings it up to 310 miles.

The information was disclosed during a conference call hosted by Goldman Sachs, surely to help investors looking into the $1.5 billion in notes it intends to offer to raise capital. Written in a press release:

Tesla today announced that it intends to offer, subject to market and other conditions, $1.5 billion in aggregate principal amount of its senior notes due 2025 (the “Notes”). The Notes will be senior unsecured debt obligations of Tesla. The interest rate, redemption prices and other terms of the Notes are to be determined.

Tesla intends to use the net proceeds from this offering to further strengthen its balance sheet during this period of rapid scaling with the launch of Model 3, and for general corporate purposes.


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