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Toshiba’s SCiB batteries double the capacity of graphite counterparts

2016 Update_SCiB_faked

Toshiba introduced it’s SCiB battery cells back in 2008 and used Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) for the annode unlike typical Lithium Ion batteries used today. LTO batteries offer improved low temperature operation, impact resistence, and long battery life. Toshiba’s latest iteration on this battery technology introduces the use of Titanium Niobium Oxide as the anode which is more resilient to rapid charging characteristics such as lithium metal deposition. When attempting to charge a battery too quickly, this would normally cause premature battery degredation and short circuiting. This new battery tech can apparently reduce or minimize those issues.

Toshiba also stated in their press release the new battery would enable a 320km range increase for an electric vehicle off a mere 6 minute, ultra-rapid recharge which is triple what is possible with current lithium-ion batteries. There was no mention of what voltage was used to attain these figures nor h ow large the battery, but it is promising.

This is a prototype of a 50Ah next gen SCiB battery:

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