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Nissan will be entering Formula E in the 2018-19 season

It appears that Nissan will be entering the Formula E racing series in 2018 for season 5 which will make them the first Japanese auto manufacturer to make the jump. Season 4 starts this December and goes through July, but many are looking forward to season 5 already as there control over which parts are used goes back to the manufacturers, though all teams will use the same chassis.

BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already committed to entering Formula E among others.


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Nissan LEAF AT-EV Finishes the 8,000 mile Mongol Rally

For those who don’t know, the Mongolian Charity Rally is not a simple journey and “Only the courageous need apply”. Chris and Julie Ramsey’s specially modified Nissan Leaf managed to drive from Brussels to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia in just less than two months. They traversed 14 countries where they had access to the fast charging network throughout Europe and then relied on locals to get their car charged, the equivalent to couch surfing it seems.


So while it took quite a long time, it goes to show that the barriers are slowly being broken down one by one. You can see these events at their Twitter:

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2018 Nissan Leaf premieres with e-Pedal

We have finally made it through all the teasers and now the 2018 Nissan Leaf has been unveiled. The notable parts of the new leaf are the more powerful 110 kW electric motor up from the 2017 80 kW motor and a more powerful battery coming in 2019 which should enable over 200 miles of range, through a 60 kWh capacity.

The redesigned Leaf starts at $29,990 with ProPilot, the semi-autonomous driving feature for stop and go traffic. This trim will come with a smaller, 40 kWh battery providing a 150 mile range and is even cheaper than the outgoing model.

The company also introduced its new driving system called e-Pedal, which enables you to accelerate and come to a complete stop by depressing or releasing the pedal.

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Nissan Leaf will be $5,000 less expensive than the Tesla Model 3

There are quite a few options coming to the table in the ‘budget’ EV price range, namely the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt. According to, the 2018 Nissan Leaf will start at just $29,990 in the S trim and will produce 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Weighing in at 3,433 pounds, the Leaf shouldn’t be too hefty to accelerate at a decent rate and with a 40 kWh battery capactity, should provide a better range than the previous leaf which came with just a 30 kWh unit.

The Leaf is slated to debut in the US on September 5th 2017:

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The new Nissan Leaf is spotted without camo

There have been multiple reports of the next-gen leaf being seen driving around here we get to see it without the camo for the first time. Nissan has confirmed it will unveil the new Leaf on September the 5th 2017 and should be available at dealerships shortly afterward.


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