President of DHL thinks a Tesla Truck pays for its price difference in 1.5 years


Jul 31, 2017
In an interview with Jim Monkmeyer, president of Transportation at DHL, told Reuters that the 10 trucks which were ordered were simply a test run and they are still a long ways away from transitioning their fleet to an electric majority. But he is aware of the potential benefits being presented and if true, he could pay off the difference between a traditional Diesel truck and a Tesla Semi truck in less than two years, due to the savings on maintenance and fuel.

“We are estimating that we could have pay back within a year-and-a-half based on energy usage as well as lower maintenance cost,”

“The maintenance savings can be enormous as well. Just because the engines are much simpler in terms of the number of parts and the complexities of the parts.”

“The biggest issue is going to be how is that grid provided and how is it supported and how quickly can we get a network out there for use nationwide, throughout North America, throughout the world,” he says.
So it sounds like accessibility to the Megachargers are the main question mark, we will just have to see how aggressively Tesla can deploy them and build the infrastructure.