BMW i3 and i8 may cease to exist as we know them today

In an interview with Automotive News, BMW officials said that the i3 and i8 vehicles were designed as “technological showcases” that may not have a future:

“These cars are very unique,” Juraschek said. “These two cars were not [developed] as a family that we can expand in different [ways] or maybe five or 10 derivatives.”

In my opinion, this doesn’t mean there will not be a car of the future wearing the i3 or i8 brand, but instead he might be trying to say that there won’t be a spiritual or design successor to the existing vehicles since they do not conform to their modular future.

It has already been stated officially the Vision Dynamics vehicle will be unveiled as the BMW i4, so it would seem very odd for the i3 and i8 brands to cease forever. The i4 is supposed to go head to head with the Tesla Model 3, and it would make sense to build other vehicles which could span the entire electric spectrum. They will be starting with the electrified version of the X3 which will be called the iX3, and it seems pretty logical that BMW will flesh out the rest of their vehicle line-up as they see some of the pieces come together.



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